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We are food, wine and travel experts who adore food cities like London and Rome and Paris. It's what we do, it's what we love. And we love to share what we learn.


This is our website — we decide what goes on it, what to recommend, and what insiders tips get included. We recommend what we believe in, what we have used, what we like, and what readers have rated highly.

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We often link to various activities that we recommend, and we are paid a small commission — but only if you buy the product or service or book a room after reading our review and checking out the information link. That's how we're able to provide all the free content on this website, and continue adding to it.

But you'll also find lots of other links here that are designed to help you plan your trip. They are here to help you find current museums exhibits, the many San Francisco festivals and happenings, and other useful information.

We don't include any paid advertising, we don't even use Google ads. Our aim is to provide you with our view of activities and events, and to make recommendations.

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