The Weather In Venice & The Best Times to Visit

The Floating City enjoys a maritime climate, with temperatures moderated by the Adriatic Sea. The weather in Venice is strongly affected by its location — in a large, shallow lagoon bordering the Adriatic. So, more so than other cities in northern Italy (Rome, Florence, Milan), Venice experiences lower temperature variation and a more uniform rainfall throughout the year. Venice also experiences higher humidity.

Venice rainfall

There are, on average, between six days of rainfall per month (February) and twelve days (April, June, October). The amount of rain is highest in the spring and fall (just over three inches/month), and lowest in the winter (about one inch). Daily high temperatures are in the lower 40s F in the winter, rising to the 80s F in the summer.

Venice temperature

Acqua Alta

Acqua Alta

A few dozen times a year, most usually in October, November, or December, Venetians wake up to a high tide they call Acqua Alta. It's due to the combination of factors, including high tides the occur when the moon is full or new and the scirocco wind blowing Adriatic Sea water towards the Venetian Lagoon.

Acqua Alta usually just means you might notice water gurgling around the city's drains, or perhaps a slick of water on the low-lying Piazza San Marco. Occasionally the water rises higher than that, but just do what the Venetians do and carry on. Street vendors wil be selling cheap, disposable plastic boots, so grab a pair and splash your way around, creating even more vivid memories of the Watery City!

The Best Times to Visit Venice

The Best Times to Visit Venice

If your schedule allows it, avoid visiting Venice in the summer months. That's when it's the hottest and most humid, and also when it's most crowded with tourists. The heat also breeds biting insects and the canals can be a little pungent.

Springtime in Venice brings pleasant days that have warmed up from winter months but not stifling like the 80° F days of August. The tourist crowds haven't arrived and Venetians are in a good mood because… well, spring is here!

The other great time to visit Venice is September/October; the crowds of summer have left with the insects, and temperatures are pleasantly in the mid-60s to low-70s F. You're going to get some rain, of course, but an umbrella is all you need to continue to explore the City of Islands.

Off-the-Beaten Track Walking Tour

Hidden Venice

Despite its reputation for canals, it turns out that Venice is also a great walking city. Strolling through the narrow medieval streets and crossing miniscule bridges is a wonderful way to get a true sense of the place.

What we love most, though, is to discover a place like Venice with a knowledgable local guide, who can take us to places the most tourists will never discover, all the while regaling us with fascinating tales about the history and life of the city. That's what we like about this guided walking tour. How else would you learn about the Venetian courtesans and the historical red light district of Castelleto? Or about the imposing Palazzo dei Camerlenghi, a prison used to housed tax evaders? Or the amazing Gothic church, Basilica dei Frari, which features works by Bellini, Canova, and Titian?