The Venice Tourist Attractions You Don't Want to Miss

Venice, the floating city, is defined by its canals and waterways. But there is a lot more to Venice than pretty boats. The Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia (Most Serene Republic of Venice) was a major world power for the centuries it controlled trade. Power meant wealth, and the rich citizens of Venice spent lavishly on glorifying their city republic.

The grand palazzos, the decorated churches, the great public spaces, and the ornamental bridges were all created during that time of plenty. Today, they are a magnets to visitors from around the world who come to marvel at the glory that was — and still is — Venezia. In this series of articles we take a look at the Venice tourist attractions that you don't want to miss.

Discover the Doge's Palace

Discover the Doge's Palace

For seven centuries the centre of power in the Republic of Venice was the Doge's Palace. Built in the 10th century and improved over the years, it was the White House, the Tower of London, and the Old Bailey all rolled into one palace — in that it was the home of the Doge (duke), it was the administrative centre, it was the law courts, and it was even the prison! Learn the 10 secrets of the Doge's Palace as well as a the best way to visit its hidden areas.

The 4 Greatest Venice Museums


Some argue that the city of Venice is itself a floating museum. There's truth to that, of course, but we want to direct your attention to four engaging museums that take you inside some of the grand palazzos to display the richness of life in old Venice, including museums of textiles and fashion.

Venice Art Museums – The Renaissance to Modernity

Venice Art Museums

Many of the Venetian grand palazzos from the classical period have been adapted for modern uses. A few of them are hotels, but the best have become museums of the life and history of Venice (as we just talked about) or, in the case of this batch, have been transformed into captivating museums of art.

The great and clever thing about this is that the museum building themselves, the former palazzos, are worth the price of admission. It's like stepping into the privileged life of the past. But the bonus is that they are filled with stunning works of art as well. Here are our top four picks, including two of Europe's best modern art museums.

The 6 Greatest Churches in Venice

6 Greatest Churches in Venice

Just as Venice is more than just pretty boats, the churches in Venice are more than just San Marco. Of course, in our survey of the 6 most wonderful Venetian churches we start out with Basilica San Marco — after all, it is a magnificent structure — but then we take you around the watery city for a virtual visit to five other churches you should make a point to visit, including one that was made from the marble left over during the construction of San Marco!

San Giorgio Maggiore – A Church and an Island


There's one more church we want you to visit. San Giorgio Maggiore is on the island of the same name just across from San Marco, but it's a world away. The church was built by a trendsetting architect who influenced generations of architects after him. It's full of amazing artwork, including Tintoretto's last painting, It has a bell tower that not only rivals San Marco, but affords the best view of San Marco.

But the best thing about San Giorgio Maggiore is that there are virtually no crowds, and you don't have to stand in a long lineup to ride up the bell tower. (That's right, there's an elevator!) It's like an insiders secret.