See The Best Of London, Waterside, On Thames River Trips

London is a city defined by its river. It's because of its location on the Thames that the Romans chose this location to build the city of Londinium in the year 43, from which they ruled their conquered territory of Provincia Britannia. That settlement has remained the most important centre in the country ever since, and that's why you find so many historic monuments and buildings there.

You get a real feeling of the history, the majesty, and the life of the city from the deck of a river boat cruising down the River Thames. We think a river cruise is an essential experience while you're in London. With that in mind, we've collected together the best Thames River trips — in the day, at night, while dining, or combined with other iconic activities.

Daytime River Cruises

River Thames boat trips

The things you can see on a daytime cruise! Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben tower, the Houses of Parliament, St Paul's Cathedral, the London Eye, museums and bridges. As we said, a trip along the Thames River is a fantastic way to start to understand London.

We've selected and described the top daytime cruises, including one that serves up a traditional British afternoon tea!


Thames River Fun Fact #1
  • The Thames is the longest river in England, flowing from the west in the Cotswolds, passing through Oxford, London, and finally to the sea at Essex.

Dinner & Lunch Cruises

Thames River cruises

What's better than a cruise along the Thames? A cruise along the Thames while dining on a gourmet, multi-course meal. That's what!

The best and most experience dinner cruise company in Paris (Bateaux Parisiens) has brought their style of top-notch service and gourmet dining to London with Bateaux London. We review the best ways dine and cruise along the Thames.

Evening on the Thames

Thames River tours

As impressive as London looks from the river during the day, it's at night that its real magnificence shines. The famous structures are lit up for your viewing pleasure!

There are the nighttime dinner cruises, of course, but then there is also a river cruise at night we like that pours a glass of bubbly as you view the sights — is there any wonder we like it? — as well as a sunset cruise.


Thames River Fun Fact #6
  • There is evidence of human habitation along the river dating back to the Neolithic Age, from as long as 6500 years ago.

Make Mine with a Twist!

Thames RIver boat cruises

When we're in a city like London we want to do it all. That's probably why we like combination packages that mix together two great activities.

So, we say, why settle for just a Thames River trip when you can also mix it up with a visit to the Tower of London, or a city sightseeing ride on a vintage double-decker bus, or riding the London Eye, or taking in Shakespeare's Globe Theatre? We'll tell you all about these options.

London Eye + River Cruise

London Eye + River Cruise

We like this package because it combines two great ways to see London and to really understand how the city works.

The London Eye is the magnificent Ferris wheel that soars over London and provides a birds-eye view of the city and it's iconic monuments. From your slowly moving pod you look down on city life and history. Next up is a river cruise that shows you a different view of the city, the way the Romans saw it and how generations of Londoners and visitors have seen it since then.