Rome City Tours – Best Ways To Discover The City

As you'll discover (or already know, if you know us), we love tours and activities that are led by an expert guide. Over the years, we've realized that these are the best ways to get acquainted with a city, and to learn even more about a place you thought you know — like Rome.

One of the best things about guided tours is that someone else does all the planning work!

These experience are so much more enjoyable than figuring things out on our own, wandering around, and wasting time while missing some good stuff. The great part, though, is that we see things we would never find on our own, things most tourists will never see. It's the best way to learn about Rome and feel like an insider. Read about some of our fave tours to see what we mean.

4 Top Tours in Rome, Italy


We've chosen these four tours as great ways to get to know Rome. The four tours are quite distinct. We start out with a city tour in a Eurovan, that takes you to all the major attractions. There's a walking tour of the historic parts of the city, including Ancient Rome.

We also love hop-on hop-off bus tours for making your way around Rome and seeing a lot in a short time. Of course we had to include one of our favourite private tours of Rome — in a Mercedes E-Class sedan.

Rome Bike Tours

Rome Bike Tours

Walking and driving are not the only ways to get around Rome. In fact, some of us think that Rome is best seen from two wheels. Sure, it's known as the city of seven hills, but Rome is surprisingly easy to explore on bike, especially when you're following a guide who knows where to go and can explain the sights to you.

We've collected four two-wheels tours we think you'll like as well, including a night bike tour of the city and a ride along the Appian Way, the famous ancient Roman roadway. You might also discover a two-wheel tour that's not on a bike…

Five Unique Tours in Rome

Unique Tours in Rome

We like to mix things up a bit, by exploring the city at different times and in different ways, and we've found a handful of splendid guided activities that meet these criteria.

Like a dinner in a typical Italian restaurant near Trevi Fountain followed by a night walking tour of Rome. And a driving tour that shows you the city just as the magical lights are coming on. Or how about a sunrise tour of Rome? Andiamo, we'll tell you more.

Private Tours In Rome

Private Tours In Rome

We love private tours. It's nice to treat yourself a little extra special, and enjoy the knowledge of an expert guide who is there to ensure you have a wonderful experience. We opt for private tours whenever we can find them.

So, we've selected five private tours of Rome that will leave you feeling like a real insider, taking you to markets, food merchants, hidden neighbourhoods, and even inside the the Colosseum in a way most tourist will never experience. Naturally, we kick things off with an amazing private food tour!