Rome Bike Tours – See The City On Two Wheels

Despite being known as the city built on seven hills, Rome is actually a wonderful city to explore on two wheels. For one thing, it's compact, with all those iconic sights and monuments in a relatively small area. For another thing, Italians love bicycles and are very used to seeing them on all streets and in all areas of the city.

Rome bike tours are a way to feel a real part of the city and to see a lot in a short time. It's also nice to have an expert guide who knows where to go and how to get there quickly and safely. If you know us, you'll know we adore guided tours — you learn so much more that you would on your own. Let's look at our recommended bike tours of Rome, along with one other means of two-wheel transport.

Rome Panorama on Two Wheels

Rome Panorama on Two Wheels

We call this one the Whole Enchilada because it's an extensive, all-inclusive guided bike tour of the marvellous city that is Rome. Not only do you visit the sights — the Vatican, the Colosseum, The Roman Forum, and so on — you also take in breathtaking panoramas of Rome from Capitoline Hill, Aventino Hill, and the Pincian Hill.

The tour lasts 4½ hours, but proceeds at a leisurely place, with plenty of time for sightseeing. Child bikes are available (for 8-years and up) as are child seats that fit on your bike. You can even opt for an electric bike!

Rome By Night – On Two Wheels

Rome By Night

What's not to love about this 3½-hour Rome bike tour that shows you the best of the city by night? Roman monuments are wonderful during the daytime, but at night they become positively luminescent, with lights glowing like magic.

You see all the classic sights of course, but in a brand new way. This is an especially good option in the hot summer months, when the evening brings a comfortable breeze to make riding even more of a pleasure. This is a small-group tour with a maximum of eight people, ensuring you get individual attention.

The Appian Way by Bike

The Appian Way by Bike

Get out of town… on a bicycle. Some of the most rewarding sights in Rome are actually just beyond the ancient city walls. Ancient Romans weren't confined by the city boundaries, and there are amazing remains of their works surrounding the modern city.

This Rome bike tour doesn't ignore the marvellous sights of the city — you pedal to the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, and other urban remains of the ancient Romans — but the emphasis is on seeing things a little differently, following the cobblestones of the iconic Appian Way (Via Appia to the Romans) to see aqueducts, tree-lined roads, and the catacombs that flank that ancient roadway.

Segway Tour of the Trastevere, Rome

Segway Tour of the Trastevere

The Trastevere is one of the most amazing districts in Rome. It's a legendary maze of winding cobblestone streets that are full of traditional bars and trattorias. It feels like the most "Italian" neighbourhood in the city. The Aventino hill is in Trastevere, as is Monte Testaccio, where you find one of the least touristy parts of the city, famous for its food, markets, and clubs.

We love this small-group (6 max) tour on those kooky, crazy Segways that takes you up and down the hills and along narrow streets you'd never find on your own. You see almost every ancient church in the Trastevere and glide through almost every piazza. It's great fun and the perfect introduction to this truly unique district.