You Asked – Is It Safe To Go Solo In Paris?


I am a solo traveler. Is it safe to go alone to Paris? Could I get around safely traveling solo? Also, is there a hotel you could recommend for me? I'd like to spend about 150 to 200 euros per night.

"Thanks for your time!"
– Debbie, USA

We Answer – Paris Is A Very Safe City

Dear Debbie,
First of all, Paris is a very safe city and you will be fine traveling solo. We have never had any qualms about being alone in Paris at any time, in any arrondissement.


Secondly, it's great you're going to Paris! Depending on your interests, we'd urge you to join a few city tours, day trips, or cooking classes that will show you a lot of the city and get you mingling with other travelers. Here are some ideas, with links to lists of activities, to get you started —

Recommended Hotels for the Solo Traveler

Thinking it over, and based on our experiences staying there, we'd recommended these two hotels, well-situated in the 6th and 7th, close to Metro stations, and in great local neighborhoods.

Hotel de Sevres

Hotel de Sevres

Hotel de Sevres is a charming Left Bank hotel with easy Metro access and is located in a charming neighbourhood, very close to Le Bon Marché department store and Le Grande Epicerie de Paris, our favourite grocery store anywhere. (We can often be found sitting at a table in the store's seafood section, eating oysters and drinking a crisp Sancerre.)

We've stayed at the Sevres on many occasions and have always enjoyed our stay. Plus, for a single room, it comes in under budget!

Hotel de la Tulipe

Hotel de la Tulipe

Our other choice is La Tulipe, located in a well-heeled residential neighbourhood very near to the Eiffel Tower. It's quiet, well appointed and owned and managed by a very host. This is the hotel that a friend stays at whenever she's in Paris, which is about every year. It's under your budget, and a great value.