The Top Paris Events – Discover What's On When You're There

Paris is not just about venerable monuments and classic art. It's about food, wine, music, festivals and life! Every month there are amazing Paris events, and you really want to know about what's going to be on when you're going to be there.

Because we love being in Paris we keep up on what's happening there, and we're happy to share that with you in our handy monthly guides of things to do in Paris.

There's a Lot to Do in Paris

Paris Events

Paris is so diverse, with so much to see, and so many events, that we've given the City of Light its own travel website, filled with insider tips.

That's why we call it Paris Insiders Guide!

Using our monthly guides is an easy way to discover the best Paris events and activities that will be on during time you'll be in the city.

Seasonal Paris Events & Activities

Paris Events

Paris changes with the seasons, and so do the city's events and our recommended activities.

Festivals and celebrations recur every year at the same time. Events like June's Fête de la Musique, where the city celebrates the start of summer with music performed throughout Paris.

There are a lot of activities, though, that are magnificent no matter what time of year. Like taking a day trip to nearby Versailles to marvel at the chateau and gardens. Or spending an evening at the iconic Moulin Rouge, taking in the famous cabaret show.

Whatever time of the year you'll be in Paris, the monthly guide will be one of the best tools in your travel box!