Top London Tourist Attractions You Don't Want To Miss

With 2,000 years of royal history, you know there are going to be a ton of London tourist attractions. It's such a large and diverse city that you could spend weeks visiting and still not even come close to seeing it all. Don't worry, we've condensed it all into these easy guides that get you to the top attractions and sights you won't want to miss.

These aren't attractions just for tourists, though. Every week, thousands of Londoners visit the museums and palaces and towers, and ride on the London Eye. Follow us to the best sights London has on offer.

Ride the London Eye

London Eye

It's the tallest cantilevered observation wheel (AKA, Ferris Wheel) in the world and from its pods you take in a magnificent view of this great city.

Even it you're usually afraid of heights we think you'll love the ride and the view. Each pod is like a little observation room that can hold up to a couple of dozen people.

In fact, corporate functions and even weddings are held in a pod slowly floating above the London skyline.

Tour Buckingham Palace

Tour Buckingham Palace

One of the most famous London attractions, the palace is also a royal residence.

Even though it's home to Queen Elizabeth Buckingham Palace is owned by the British state, which allows it to be opened to the public for two months every year. Learn how to get inside on an exclusive tour, as well as other top ways to visit the royal palace.

Visit the Tower of London

Visit the Tower of London

The foundations of this famous fortress date back to the 9th century and William the Conquerer, so there's a lot of history to explore.

The Crown Jewels now reside at the Tower of London. Today many parts of the Tower and the grounds are open to the public, but it can be busy. As usual, we recommend that you book a tour that lets you skip the long lines and have a more enjoyable visit.

Big Ben – Tolling the Hours

Big Ben London

Big Ben is one of London's most recognizable monuments. It's also the most heard! It's been sounding out the hours and quater hours since 1859.

Although you really can't miss it — it's right on the river, attached to one end of the Houses of Parliament — it's nice to get a little closer and learn more about the history of the tower and of Westminster, the are where Big Ben is found and the seat of British government. Learn the story of the 15-ton bell and the best ways to get up close and personal!

Millennium Bridge London

Millennium Bridge London

The cool design of the Millennium Bridge is certainly an eye-catcher and nicely ties together the two parts of London it joins — the north bank, financial centre, St Paul's Cathedral of The City; and the south bank, up-and-coming, revitalized, cultural home of the Tate Modern Museum and Shakespeare's Globe theatre.

We'll tell you all about the Millennium Bridge and what's around it, along with some unexpected problems that only became apparent when the bridge was finished. If we say "swaying", does that make your stomach flutter?