London Food Activities – Take Tea, Drink A Pint, Attend A Feast

Don't think of London as a food city? Then, think again. Today's London is a veritable walking banquet, serving up foods flavoured by the many cultures that make up the great city. Tea, curries, chapatis & chutneys came by way to the British Empire. Londoners of Asian descent have brought food with them as well — Vietnamese, Chinese, and of course, Indian cuisine.

Then there are the quintessentially British food traditions — afternoon tea, a pint at the pub, fish and chips, Yorkshire Pudding, bangers and mash… The best way to really learn about the foods of this city is by signing up for London food activities that take you to the best pubs in the city, or feed you afternoon tea on the Thames River, or even take you on a food walking tour in the dynamic East End.

Sip a Pint at an Historic London Pub

Tour the Best London Pubs

Sipping a pint (or two) in a classic London pub is to experience one of the classic British food & drink activities.

Since there are something like 7,000 pubs in London, it's good to have an experienced guide. We've found a trio of tours led by beer experts that not only take you to top historic pubs, but tell you about the history of the pubs, the architecture, and the range of beer on offer.

Take Afternoon Tea In London

Afternoon Tea In London

It's hard to choose which it more iconic — British pubs or afternoon tea. Luckily, you don't have to choose. When you're in London you should experience both.

Thanks to Anna, the Duchess of Bedford (1840), afternoon tea is a firm tradition in England. To help you get the real experience we've selected four afternoon teas. A couple of them include extra activities like a city tour on a vintage bus. Our favourite one serves tea on a cruise down the Thames!

Choose a London Food Tour

London Food Tours

British food culture encompasses many cuisines and many eras. We like food activities that take us deep into specific, select culinary arenas.

There's a walking tour of the vibrant East End food scene, sampling iconic British dishes as you stroll from place to place. There are tours that focus on chocolate or on cupcakes! And there's a fun evening activity that has you sitting down for a real medieval banquet. While we're at it, we'll also share our list of iconic British dishes with unusual names.