You Asked – Honeymoon In Paris & London At Christmas?


My husband and I are thinking about Paris and London for our honeymoon. We can take two weeks off in December this year, and are wondering if we should do London for Christmas (December 22 - 25) and Paris from December 26 until Jan 1, or the other way round?

"Are there any recommended activities between December 22 and 25 in Paris that we cannot do if we reach there on the 26th? We love architecture, history, food and anything gorgeous and would be sad to miss anything local and fun! Looking forward to your thoughts, much appreciated!
Thank you!
– Meeta"

We Answer – Holiday Honeymoon in Paris & London

Paris at night

Dear Meeta,
It sounds like your honeymoon is shaping up to be very memorable! Our suggestions are based on many years of travel to both cities. We recommend that you stay an entire week in one city. Breaking up the visit with a few days in each city will not give you the benefit of either place.

Part of the charm of staying for a week is that you have time to settle in and get a real sense of the place, without rushing around. It is your honeymoon, after all! We recommend staying in London from December 22 to the 25, and then the spend remaining time in Paris.

Honeymoon in Paris Best Advice

1. Reserve In Advance

Make sure to book your Christmas lunch or dinner restaurant reservation in advance, at least by late October. Holiday dinners out are very popular for locals and visitors alike. (Link to "What's Open on Xmas Day).

2. VIP Small-Group Tours Are a Great Idea

Skip the lines at the Louvre

Book a few tours of popular attractions like the Louvre, Versailles. or a Seine River cruise. We love these small-group and private tours — you learn so much and see way more than you could on your own.

3. It's Paris! Join Food & Wine Activities

Wine Tastings in Paris

If you love food join a small-group culinary tour. One of the most popular activities is the French Gourmet Food Walking Tour. Local experts will have you tasting local specialities that you just wouldn't find on your own.

4. Paris Hotels = Romance

Hotel Le Meurice

They call them romantic Paris hotels for a reason! Here are some of our top picks for romantic 4- and 5-star hotels in Paris—

    Tucked away in a private courtyard in St Germain, the Christine gets top marks for romance.
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    Travelers call Victoria Palace "a romantic hidden gem." We agree!
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    If you're going to splurge, you certainly cannot beat Le Meurice, one of a handful of hotels in all of France with the prestigious Palace designation.
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Honeymoon in London Best Advice

1. London Eye – Romance for Two with Champagne

Ride the London Eye

If you're in London, and especially if it's your honeymoon, you are definitely going to want to take a spin on the London Eye. Make it honeymoon-worthy by opting for the champagne!

2. Find Out What's On in London When You're There

What's On in London

Whenever you go to London — honeymoon or not, Christmas or any other time of the year — be sure to find out what's going to be on when you're there by checking our handy month calendars.

3. The Top Romantic Hotels In London


  • HOTEL 41, 5 STARS
    London location and great service don't get much better than this.
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    Formerly home to lords of the Royal Court, the Taj 51 in Mayfair is absolutely sumptuous!
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    In buzzing SOHO, the centre of what's happening in London, the Charlotte Street is hip, modern, and extremely classy
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Joyeuse Lune de Miel. Have a happy honeymoon in Paris & London!

Diane & Mark