The Best Activities In Rome – Walk, Learn, Cook & Eat

There's a lot to do in Rome, and we love doing so much of it! In other articles we talk about day trips from Rome and how to visit the Vatican Museums and even the best ways to experience the top attractions in Rome. But here we want to tell you about some of the best activities in Rome — things to participate in that will create memories that will last for years.

If you know us, it will be no surprise that our very favourite activities in Rome are food related. There are some cooking classes we love and we also have food walking tours to tell you about. Speaking of walking in Rome, we'll tell you the best ways to take in the ancient monument of the city and even about a few spooky tours you might want to take in. Let's get started —

The Top Rome Walking Tours

Top Rome Walking Tours

The best way to see Rome is on guided walking tours. It's a compact, but layered city, so it's easy to discover a lot in a short time — if you have the right guide.

Our favourite activities on foot take you around the city at night. Or to the Vatican. Or combine the wonders of ancient Rome with a wine tasting! Most importantly, they let you skip the long lines. Be sure to check our reviews so you can plan before you leave home.

The Best Cooking Classes In Rome

The Best Cooking Classes In Rome

Rome is not only an Italian cultural centre, it's also the country's food centre.

So, it's the perfect place to learn Italian cooking from experienced chefs.

We love these food activities that teach you how to make the best pasta and pizza; how to make a complete 4-course Italian dinner; and even take you out of town for a day of cooking in the Italian countryside.

So, andiamo. Cucinare e mangiare! (Cook and eat.)

Favourite Food Walking Tours in Rome

Food Walking Tours in Rome

To really understand the foods of Italy and go in-depth at the markets of Rome, join up on a walking tour lead by a food-expert guide.

That's what we always do when we visit another great European city, because we see and learn so much in a short time. We also discover shops and neighbourhoods of the city we would probably never find on our own.

Be sure to read about our five fave food tours in Rome, plus a bonus nighttime stroll !

Top 4 Ancient Rome Walking Tours

Ancient Rome Walking Tours

With nearly 3,000 years of history, Rome has a wealth of artefacts and ancient monuments.

Rather than wandering around, and not being sure about the things we're looking at, we always opt for a tour with an expert guide.

The Ancient Rome tours we like all take in standard things, like the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, but each one also has something special, like skip-the-line priority tickets or VIP access to the underground areas of the Colosseum where the gladiators and animals waited for the fights to start.

We'll tell you about each tour, how to join up, and share some fascinating facts about August, the first Roman Emperor.

Ghosts, Catacomb, & Eerie Walking Tours

Ghosts, Catacomb, & Eerie Walking Tours

Rome is elegant and bright, but that changes a bit after the sun goes down — or when you go underground!

We love these few walking tours that show a different side of the Eternal City.

Visit an underground chapel made from human bones. Spend an evening strolling around Rome and hearing about it's darker secrets. Or venture outside the city gates to stroll the Appian Way and visit the catacombs located underneath it. The tours are not really creepy, but they are informative, historical, and fun.