About Venice – Essential Information You Need Before You Travel

Before you hop aboard a water taxi at Marco Polo Airport to head to your hotel in Dorsoduro Sestiere, there are a few essential things you need to know about Venice. You already know it's the Floating City, built on a series of islands, and that it's a unique place in the world, but let's get you started with a few facts.

Venice City Map & Sestieri

Learn About the Map & Districts of Venice

The main island of Venice is divided into six historical districts called sestieri. (The singular is sestiere.) Although they're not really administrative zones any more, they are a very convenient way to understand the city, and they're what Venetians themselves use in their mental maps.

Notice how Venice is shaped like a fish? What could be more appropriate for an island city?

The Islands of Venice

he Islands of Venice

Venice is located in a protected lagoon off the Adriatic Sea. Although we think of it an "an island", it's actually composed of dozens of islands. With a few exceptions, most of them are rarely visited by tourists and offer a chance to get away from the crowds.

Some of the islands can be visited on organized tours, like the glassmaking island of Murano and the island of Burano, famous for its lace. All of them are served by Venice's extensive water public transportation system. In our article we look at the key islands you might want to explore.

The Weather in Venice

The Weather in Venice

Venice is protected by the lagoon and the climate is moderated by the Adriatic Sea. Consequently, it experiences lower temperature fluctuation and more uniform rainfall through the year than does most of the rest of Italy.

To help you plan your visit and know what to pack (hint: an umbrella is always useful!), we've put together a guide to the weather in Venice, season-by-season and month-by month

Venice Italy Travel Information

Venice Italy Travel Information

It certainly is a magical place, with palaces, palazzos, and gondolas. But, you're going to need to know some practical information before you go. In this compact collection of travel information you'll learn how to arrive in Venice by train, plane, boat, bus, and even by car (although we discourage the latter).

Find out what to pack, the best place to stay, and all about Venetians themselves. We also tell you the best way to get from the mainland airport to the island city. Hint: it involves a boat!

Venice Mini Travel Guide – Advice For Visitors

Venice Travel Guide

Venice is a small place that is extremely attractive, and that means lots of visitors every year, every day. Armed with a bit of knowledge and understanding, you can make your visit enjoyable and, at the same time, pleasant for the residents.

Also learn how Venice got to be Venice, travel safety tips, and other useful info & advice.

Venice Transportation – Getting Around

Venice Transportation

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think about getting around Venice is "boats". That's true, of course, but Venice is also an extremely walkable city with fascinating streets, bridges and walks along the canals. You'll probably find yourself opting to walk more often than not.

Of course when you want to visit the other islands — Giudecca, Burano, Murano, San Giorgio Maggiore, etc — you're going to need to get on a boat. Luckily, there's an extensive and easy-to-use water transportation in Venice. We'll tell you all about it.

San Giorgio Maggiore – A Church and an Island

San Giorgio Maggiore

Speaking of the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, it's another place you should take time to visit. That's very easy to do since it's a 3-minute vaporetto ride across the canal from San Marco. But, unlike San Marco, there are almost no crowds and, for instance, you usually don't have to stand in line to climb its bell tower (which gives you the best views on San Marco.)

The island church of the same name was designed by 16th-century Italian architect, Andrea Palladio. It's an amazing masterpiece that influenced other designers for centuries.